Giclee Art Work - Toucan - Congo Costa Rica

Giclee Art Work - Toucan

Congo Costa Rica

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Giclee painting from the original "Toucan"

Mini 19.5x15.2 in ($130) | Small 22x30 in ($250) | Medium 44x33 in ($380)

Mini 50x39 cm ($130) | Small 56x76 cm ($250) | Medium 112x84 cm ($380)

This is the first limited edition of his giclée collection. Each work is properly signed and certified by the artist to ensure its authenticity.

  • Giclee printing from his original painting
  • High quality inks with strong sealant
  • Made in Costa Rica
  • Xavier Russell is a Swiss-Costa Rican artist. He studied fine arts at Ateliers de Sèvres and the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris. During his visit to Costa Rica in 2000, he fell in love with our landscapes, our flora and our fauna, so he decided to move and reside in our country. His paintings, acrylic on canvas, are characterized not only by his refined technique but by the fidelity and expressiveness with which he recreates the wild life of Costa Rica. Due to the success of his original paintings and in order to satisfy its growing demand, he decides to venture into the world of the GICLÉES, which are faithful reproductions on canvas of his original paintings.

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