About us

Congo Costa Rica

Our passion & inspiration comes from the exhuberant flora & fauna Costa Rica has to offer, as well as its culture and idiosyncrasy that charaterizes our Costa Ricans.  Our family proudly wants to share with the world the talent & creativity of our Costa Rican hardworking hands.

Congo’s idea of existing as an organization is to provide an opportunity to all artists, artisans and craftsmen of Costa Rica to share their unique, handmade and high quality work of art, inspired by their need to keep alive their family traditions from generation to generation.

All of our products are handmade in Costa Rica, carefully handcrafted, handpainted and finished so we can offer an exclusive piece of art.  We have offered for more than 25 years, the most exclusive collection of Costa Rican artwork, wood products, handicrafts, paitings, jewelry, coffee and many more gifts and souvenirs. 

Through our colorful and cheerful stores, Congo captures the beauty and exuberance of Costa Rica, a country small in size, but large in biodiversity and magical experiences.

We are pleased to be for more than 25 years in the market, the family business that has managed to value and pride itself on the effort and hard-working hands of our artists and artisans.