Costa Rica Artisans

Throughout the years of experience in this business, we have brought together a selected group of artists and artisans that want to reflect the nature and idiosyncrasies of this peace-loving country through their finest art and crafts.

Most of our artists and artisans main income comes from the sale and support, of our company and our clients, for their products and artistic works.

As a company, we are proud to support our Costa Rica artisans and be part of their continuous growth.

We seek to share our artists and artisans’ inspiration and artistic gift, as they are able to transform a piece of exotic wood from a fallen tree to an innovative and unique hand-made piece of art.

We also seek to provide economic opportunities to artisans that want to preserve their culture and traditions. The Boruca Reserve, for example, is one of the Indian tribes that was not expelled from their original lands by the Spanish colonists. Women of the tribe use their knowledge and technique to produce weaves, whereas men carve colorful balsa-wood masks. Selling their crafts is their main income.

Our product Selection

Because maintaining a long and beneficial relationship with our artists and artisans is essential to us, we work closely with them by recommending and providing feedback to their work, so that each piece can stand out for its quality, technique and design.

We want to offer our clients a truly special piece to take home!