Costa Rica Handpainted Wooden Oxcart



Handmade Costa Rica oxcart made out of wood and handpainted by Costa Rican artists.

Size: 7.48x5.12x5.12 inches approx


When one mentions our national oxcart, many characteristics of the Costa Ricans’ idiosyncrasy are still identified, although the use of this mean of transportation is only decorative today.  The oxcart is symbol of hard work from the hand of our coffee farmers, who needed an effective mean of transportation to transport their crops. At that time the roads had many inclinations, mud, rocks and rivers and it was only with the use of oxcarts and its strong wheels that they were able to overcome the difficulties of the old roads. Thanks to it, the first exportations to England were achieved, opening the doors to the international market. In 1988 the oxcart was denominated national symbol of Costa Rica for being a key factor in our nation’s development and prosperity.  In the cultural part, the painted oxcart is one of the genuine folkloric demonstrations of the Costa Rican people, with bright and vivid colors that give our popular, indigenous and spontaneous artistic expression. Each piece is unique and hand-painted by our talented and humble artisans.

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